Artsy Up-and-Coming District



The newest homes in the area are in modern, trend-setting condominium developments – which offer both traditional condo units as well as multi-story condo townhomes. However, just on the edges of Midtown, and hidden in little corners, are several historic single-family homes with eclectic styling and character. Many are quickly grabbing up these homes, restoring them, or reinventing them for a truly unique living space.


If it’s new, chic, underground, artistic, or emerging – it’s likely happening in Midtown. Located conveniently next door to the Design District and only a few minutes from Downtown, Midtown is buzzing with activity. Pick up fashion, interior design goods, electronics, and more at The Shops of Midtown. Or, grab a quick bite to eat at bistros and fast-casual joints (some of which have been featured on The Food Network). You can also set up shop for your own small business with an excellent variety of office space.

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